Wallace and Barbara Winkler (My great-grandfather and great-grandmother)

Wallace and Barbara Winkler (My great-grandfather and great-grandmother)

Through learning about our family, we can learn about ourselves.  I began serious genealogical research of my own family in the mid-1990s.  I now regret waiting so long as all my grandparents had passed away by that time, and along with them all their knowledge and stories.  My research has filled in much over the years, however older generations’ first hand accounts once gone are something we can never recover.

Despite what the current TV commercials would have you believe, genealogical research is far from simple as typing your name or an ancestor’s name into the computer.  While numerous record are now available online, one must still obtain the knowledge and skill in order to use those records effectively.  I don’t foresee computers ever replacing good old fashioned boots-on-the-ground research.

For me, genealogical research is similar to a logic puzzle.  I enjoy searching out all the pieces, then using reason and proof to fit it all together into a coherent picture.  It’s exciting to find a new piece of information hidden away somewhere which allows you to learn more about one of your ancestors.

I enjoy helping others and am available for lectures on beginning genealogy, as well as conducting research for others.  Please contact me for more information. You may also view my separate blog devoted to genealogy here:

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